Police Constable Bihar Syllabus

The Bihar Police Department is the law and order municipal police force for the state of Bihar in India.

Bihar Police comes under direct control of Department of Home Affairs, Government of Bihar. The Bihar Police is headed by a Director General of Police (DGP; three-star rank). The state is divided into four zones(Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Bhagalpur), each commanded by an Additional Director General (Addl. DGP; three-star rank) or an Inspector-General (IGP;two-star rank). Each zone is divided into two to three ranges, each commanded by a Deputy Inspector-General (DIGP; one-star rank). Within each range are anywhere from three to six districts, each under a Superintendent of Police.Patna is under a Senior Superintendent of Police.

Part A

Number of Question – 50 questions

Total Number of Marks – 50 marks

Topics- Hindi, English, General Knowledge and Current Events

Part B

Number of Question – 50 questions

25 questions will come from each optional subjects chosen by the candidate at the time of online application

Total Number of Marks – 50 marks

Topics- Mathematics, Physics,  Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics

Subject wise details


Preparing Notes and writing summary of a given passage, Comprehension of unseen factual/ imaginative passage , Reading Tales, Short Stories/ Short Plays, Reading of informative pieces / essays,  Reading poems for enjoyment and understanding,  Reading poems for enjoyment and understanding, Free composition on familiar/ contemporary issue, Various registers of English, Translation from Mother Tongue to English


Pre History, Proto History and History, The Pre Historic World, Harappan Civilization, Ancient Civilization, The Medieval Order, Political and Economic History of the Mauryas, Vehicles of Modernization, Culture and Economy from Post Mauryan to Gupta Period, Modernization Affirmed, Economy, Society and culture during early medieval period, Spread of Modernization, Political Change under the Sultanate, Ills of Modernity,  Indo Islamic Culture, Three Ideologies and their mutual conflict, Urban Economy in Medieval Period , Bhakti and Sufi Movement and various topics


 Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Economic Geography, Fundamentals of Human Geography

Political Science

Concepts of Politics, Indian Government and Politics, State,Working of Federalism in India, Sovereignty, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Key Concepts, DirectivePrinciples of State Policy,  UnionExecutive,  Parliament, StateExecutive,  State Legislature, IndianJudiciary, Electoral Systems in India, Working of Local Self Governance with special reference of Bihar,National Integration and Challenge, Foreign Policy of India

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